S.A.A.Q. Double Jeopardy Class Action

S.A.A.Q. Double Jeopardy Class Action


Pending Authorization hearing


Case Name

S.A.A.Q. Double Jeopardy Class Action


Quebec Superior Court File No.




Invoking the rule against double jeopardy, protected by section 11(h) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Applicant seeks reimbursement of the sums he and others paid to the S.A.A.Q. as an “Insurance Contribution” upon renewal their driver’s licenses;


Proposed Class

All current or former residents of the province of Quebec who, since November 21st, 2013 (the “Class Period”), were holders of a driver’s license of any class and, after being found guilty of an offence and/or having plead guilty to such an offence and punished for said offence, were required by the S.A.A.Q., upon renewing their license, to pay an additional amount as a result of the same offence;


Remedies sought for consumers

  • Compensatory and punitive damages;
  • Declaratory judgment declaring certain provisions of the Automobile Insurance Act unconstitutional;
  • Injunctive relief ordering the S.A.A.Q. to cease the prohibited practice.




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